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Woodward Kitchen & Bath
20717 Centre Pointe Parkway
Santa Clarita, California  91350

Phone: 661.251.3865
Fax: 661.251.5861

Categories: Contractor, Home Improvement, Woodworking

Meet Us on the Inside
John, Lisa and Guy Woodward
John, Lisa and Guy Woodward
Owners: John, Lisa and Guy Woodward

How did you determine the name of your business? It was easy [because it was our last name] - and it was easy for people to remember.

What inspired you to go into this business? We all had a strong desire to be self-employed and to do something that we loved to do.

What's the coolest aspect of your business? Being able to help people design a project that reflects their individual tastes and ideals has got to be the best part of the job. People need to remember that it's not all about the "resale factor." It's about living with what you love.

What is the most amazing thing about what you offer? With over 20 years of experience, we can build pretty much anything you can imagine. From our computer design software to our large CNC machines and artistic staff, the possibilities are endless.

What does the future hold for your company? Hopefully another 20-plus years of providing clients with living spaces that they love!

What is unique about your business? We have manufactured and installed custom cabinets and mill work on everything from cabins to cathedrals.

What's one thing that someone out of the loop would never guess? We are a family business: We live, work and play together. Come watch us race at Ventura Raceway!

Woodward Kitchen & Bath is located at 20717 Centre Pointe Parkway in Santa Clarita. Call 251-3865 or visit for more information.
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