MPG for Mom
Acura's TLX is a Looker with Performance to Spare
May, 2015 - Issue #127

The Challenge: Mother's Day. Last year's breakfast-in-bed devolved into burnt toast, undercooked eggs and a kitchen that looked like a pig detonated an explosive vest. This year will be different - has to be different.

"The standard all-wheel steering ensures the TLX
will embarrass far pricier sports cars on a twisty road while still serving as a REWARDING daily driver."
The Solution: Acura to the rescue. All cars make statements, but Acuras issue edicts. When Acura releases a new vehicle, other companies' engineers call in sick to avoid the ire of their bosses: "Why didn't you think of this?" Driving an Acura is like piloting a four-wheeled fighter jet firing jealousy-inducing missiles.

Consider the new king of supercars, the Acura NSX. Acura introduced the original NSX in 1989, shattering the exotic paradigm of hyper-sensitive Italian machines more likely to explode in a spray of expensive parts than to start when you turned the key. Acura changed all that with a reliable high-performance mid-engined screamer that leapfrogged the Italians' technology. Now, after a decade-long break, Acura's next generation NSX is returning to once again burst the bubble blown by the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini.

The Details: Okay, maybe a 200-mph two-seater that draws police attention like a gun-toting donut isn't what Mom needs for grocery store runs. But you can still get that spirit in a sensible sedan. It won't do 200 mph, but will pull in 35 mpg. That's probably more useful in today's world.

The TLX provides all the thrill of performance driving, but with room for five. Choose between a 290 horsepower six-cylinder engine driving a nine-speed automatic or the lighter four-cylinder motor twisting the front wheels through an innovative dual clutch eight-speed transmission.

Either way, the standard all-wheel steering ensures the TLX will embarrass far pricier sports cars on a twisty road while still serving as a rewarding daily driver. This car can play more roles than Meryl Streep. Need a car that stands out at the valet stand? One look at the standard jewel-eye headlamps and that showcase spot is yours. Got some cargo to tote? The 60/40 folding rear seats provide enough room to haul Donald Trump's ego - in the trunk where it belongs, of course. The driver can even adjust the steering response to perfectly tailor the feedback level. Of course, with sound-absorbing acoustic glass, triple-sealed doors and noise-dampening foam in the unibody, the TLX calms your nerves better than a fully-funded pension.

The Payoff: The TLX has more solutions than an SAT answer key; it will definitely meet all you driving needs. Putting a TLX in the garage will transform your commute into a joy ride. Plus, when you take the car in for routine service, you'll be able to visit the NSX. In our book, that's worth the lease payment right there.
Take the TLX for a test drive at Valencia Acura. 255-3000
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