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Because life is full of all different kinds of adventures, you need a vehicle that can accommodate the demands of extenuating circumstances. No matter your plans, you're going to love getting to the action faster in your Jeep Compass Sport.
Ready to give your gas mileage a boost - while giving your lifestyle a kick in the pants, too? Families across the country are now getting their road trip on - without tripping out - in America's first ever hybrid minivan, the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid.
Everything's "Grand" with this Cherokee in your Driveway
Fall into Luxury, Power, Storage & Adventure with the hottest new rides!
There's having a vehicle - and then there's having the right vehicle. Ready for wheels that match your lifestyle? Here are three that are ready to coordinate with your sense of adventure and love of the road.
In SoCal, nearly every day can be "beach day," and that becomes even more accurate when you're cruising in a vehicle that seems custom made for it. Ready to feel the cool ocean breeze against your cheek, to bask in the sun, to make memories you'll cherish forever? Jump in, buckle up and cruise over for the best summer yet!
The best truck for every occasion.
Take to the road this spring and enjoy the drive in your new Jeep.
Our top-four picks for what to drive now.
Who's ready for a road trip? We've got a car for that.
5 reasons we can't stop pining over the Chrysler Pacifica.
New Year's Resolutions are for people who need to fix things. While waking up earlier, giving up fast food and being kinder to your in-laws may all be important contributions to your quality of life, sometimes all you really need is the right addition. Get inside the 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee and you're instantly navigating your way to self-improvement.
I never wanted to need a minivan. But then I became a dad and, by default, a chauffer to all these little people who have soccer practice, scout camping trips, sleepover parties... Suddenly, despite what I wanted (A Harley.) I needed a minivan.
Let's face it. Transportation is a necessity for an active lifestyle when you live in sprawling Southern California. Even if you don't leave the Santa Clarita Valley on a regular basis, the need for personal transportation cannot be overstated. For many local residents who need a new set of wheels, or who need to service the ones they already have, all roads lead to an area of Valencia widely known for a vast range of vehicles: the Valencia Auto Center.
As I climb into my car in Canyon Country and program the nav to get me to Van Nuys Boulevard, I do a double take after glancing at my estimated time of arrival. At this point in the day, it's faster to get to the car dealership I'm headed to in the Valley than it is to get to the other side of town. Nice.
What a ride! You'll want each one in your driveway.
To say the world moves fast at 90 miles per hour is redundant. But as I pointed the Porsche Cayman GTS toward the first turn of the race course at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, two upright cones told me I had a lot to do, and not much time to do it.
A quick peek into Audi Valencia's showroom during the holidays is all it takes to get caught up in the festive magic of the season - and not just because of the dealership's tastefully joyous decorations.
People watching is a pastime of mine - and watching friends reconnect is one of my favorite things to observe. I expect to see it at parks and coffee shops, though - not at car dealerships. But that's what happened this month, many times over, as I relaxed in the comfortable ambiance of Audi Valencia.
The Challenge: Mother's Day. Last year's breakfast-in-bed devolved into burnt toast, undercooked eggs and a kitchen that looked like a pig detonated an explosive vest. This year will be different - has to be different.
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