Shop Local for the Holidays and Beyond
December, 2016 - Issue #146
Let's face it. Transportation is a necessity for an active lifestyle when you live in sprawling Southern California. Even if you don't leave the Santa Clarita Valley on a regular basis, the need for personal transportation cannot be overstated. For many local residents who need a new set of wheels, or who need to service the ones they already have, all roads lead to an area of Valencia widely known for a vast range of vehicles: the Valencia Auto Center.
"One of the BEST THINGS we can do to invest in our community is to keep our shopping dollars in Santa Clarita - and there are few purchases we'll make in our lifetime that have as large an impact as our vehicles. When you buy your car or truck from a member of the Valencia Auto Center, you're not just supporting your neighbors who work at that dealership - you're gifting our town with sales-tax dollars that are USED DAILY to improve our roads, build new parks, keep our kids engaged with wholesome activities and so much more. Plus, you're treating yourself to a buying and service experience that's regularly rated as the best around. It's a win-win for everyone."
Don Fleming, president of Santa Clarita Auto Dealers Association

Shift Your Spending
No one denies the internet is a great resource for news and information. But you still need to "kick the tires" before you purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle. In this community, there is a high volume in a small area, which means you don't need to leave Santa Clarita to shop for a car, truck, van or SUV. There are 24 brands within walking distance of the "Magic Mile," where the largest number of new and pre-owned vehicles in Southern California is on display. There were 5,635 vehicles on dealer lots in inventory last month, according to the center's website. The Valencia Auto Center's website serves as a portal to all the local dealerships; the page conveniently features research, car comparisons, trade-in values, financing calculators and request for service appointments.

Supercharge Customer Service
There is little that's more memorable to shoppers than superior customer service. The aim of the 17 dealers in the Valencia Auto Center is to meet that standard - to provide a level of service that is so high the community takes note. That goes for both the sales and service departments.

Drive the Community
"Buying your next car or truck in Santa Clarita helps make our community a great place to live by keeping sales-tax revenue local," says Don Fleming, president of the Santa Clarita Auto Dealers Association. The revenue from those taxes contributes to the public funding that provides residents with more parks, trails and open space. That supports the venues utilized by families for various activities, city-sponsored concerts, arts and other events. In the calendar year 2014, new motor vehicle sales represented approximately 18 percent of the city's annual sales tax revenue, for a total of $5,394,390. That equated to more funds for new roads, road maintenance, sidewalk repair and bridge expansions.
The Valencia Auto Center will host its Largest Ever Black Friday Sales Event on November 23 to November 28, 2017. All 17 dealerships representing 24 brands in the Magic Mile will be participating.
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