The Best Vehicle for Every Spring Fling
March, 2017 - Issue #149

Road Trip with the Chrysler Pacifica
Remember those road trips you took in college in your old two-door, maybe to Las Vegas or even Mexico? You just threw some clothes in a bag, grabbed some gas money and were a free agent for the entire weekend. Now you have kids, though - and "road trip" is synonymous with days of packing, whiny children (We give ours $20, then charge 'em $5 every time they ask, "When are we going to be there?") and little enthusiasm to get much farther than the driveway.

That is, unless you own a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica. Just named the North American Utility Vehicle of the Year, this sweet ride puts the "fun" in "functional" with a Stow 'n Go Seating and Storage System that means you can pack a week's worth of camping supplies and kids' bikes, plus a few cases of your favorite beer, because you shouldn't give up all of your time-honored road trip traditions. Worried about that long, boring leg between Mojave and Grandma's, where the only scenery looks like a backdrop from "Breaking Bad?" The Uconnect Theater with 10.1-inch HD touchscreens with BluRay player, wireless headphones, HDMI inputs and downloadable games and apps will help the kids keep their hands to themselves.

Coastal Drive with the Dodge Charger SXT
PCH with the SXT is OMG - and you can do it without leaving a huge carbon footprint, too. The new Dodge Charger SXT boasts HEMI engine speed with Fuel Saver Technology. Go from LA to San Fran on a single tank of gas, thanks to the SXT's 18.5-gallon fuel tank featuring a range that can exceed 500 miles after only one trip to the pump. With its sleek iconic design, scalloped backsides, wraparound headlamps and imposing crosshair grille, no one has to know that you're muscle-car ride has the heart of an environmentalist.

Conquer the Concrete Jungle with the 2017 Patriot
Living in Southern California means that one minute, you're driving through the city and the next you're cruising through mountain roads searching for the best sledding/vintage shopping/B&B destination. When life's this divergent, your vehicle needs to be, too. The 2017 Patriot 75th Anniversary Edition will get you on roads less traveled - in style. Since the original Jeep Willys MB made its debut in 1941, Jeep has always been the vehicle for adventure. 75 years later, the 2017 Patriot Anniversary Edition lives up to its legacy, available in its distinctive green color with low-gloss bronze detailing.

Live the Life of Superhero with the 2017 Ram 1500
In the movies, you always see the super heroes driving around in their souped-up cars, but everyone knows that if you have a house instead of a bat cave, true power is found in a superhero truck. Could Batman fit sheets of drywall in the back of his car? You win this round, thanks to the 2017 Ram 1500 Night Package. The sports performance hood announces your luxurious arrival, the black honeycomb grill with the "hex perf" pattern inserts is your fashionable alternative to the Bat Signal and the 20-inch aluminum wheels and bold flat black badging makes you feel cool even if you're just using your truck to pick up that vintage bookcase your significant other had to have.
Want to learn more about these vehicles? Hang out with the cool kids at Russell Westbrook's Van Nuys dealership and score yourself a test drive. 818-273-1172
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