Great Finds - All Corked Up
A Wine Lover's Haven
June, 2005 - Issue #8
With the recent success of "Sideways," last years surprise movie hit, everyone is thirsting to know anything and everything about wine. And whether you're a Paul Giametti at heart or not, this month's Great Find is the answer to all your wine loving dreams.

All Corked Up, Santa Clarita's newest wine bar, boasts wines from all over the world, as well as a large variety of local bottles, all chosen by partner Yoon Lee, who the staff has lovingly labeled "Wine Master." With over 20 years in the industry, Lee has masterfully designed a wine menu that will make both the novice's and the snob's taste buds awaken to the variety of high-end and great tasting wines available. Every wine featured at the bar is tasted and approved by the devoted staff because Yoon feels it takes more than one palette to choose a truly great wine. The staff jokingly complains that tasting and choosing the new selection (which changes every two weeks) is the most demanding part of their job (yeah, I wish I had it so hard, too).

We would be doing you (and All Corked Up) a disservice if we said that wine is the only thing they have to offer. Stocked with everything from champagne and cigars, to the very best in award winning beers and tappas, from their on-site Cordon Bleu chef, they have something for everyone. Their alcohol selection, ranging from the mainstream brands to some of the harder-to-find products, will leave you feeling like a kid in a candy store. What you won't find however, are the prices that would normally befit these lavish products. Kathy Crone, marketing director, assured me that "Not only do we carry hard to find items that you can't get anywhere else, we beat almost everyone's prices." And you need not worry if All Corked Up doesn't carry your favorite product; Crone promises that "If you want it and we don't have it, we'll get it for you."

What perhaps is most impressive about this establishment is their temperature- and humidity-controlled wine lockers, which can be rented out for a nominal fee. All Corked Up has taken every precaution to ensure that your wine will be safe while in their care, with everything from back-up generators to video surveillance. Seven day a week access to the locker rooms ensure that you will never be without that bottle you need at the last minute and with special coded access for renters only, you can rest assured your wine will be safe. There are also VIP lockers located inside where you can store wines you plan to open soon, but these are so popular they rent out almost instantly. A wait list has been formed for those interested.

With so much going on at All Corked Up we've almost forgotten to mention the ambiance, which is impressive to say the least. Decorated with "old world" accents, you will instantly feel as if you have been transported to another time. The Cellar Lounge houses a large television and can be rented for private parties and events. There is even a cigar bar out back for those who need a change of scenery. All the furniture, doors and just about everything accenting the walls was created by local Arte Mexico, which fashioned Old World Tuscany pieces that compliment the establishment perfectly. Investors David and Jay Schutz stressed the importance of using local businesses when building All Corked Up. Both are very community oriented and feel it's important to support local businesses and charitable organizations.

All Corked Up also has a very affordable wine club and gift baskets and certificates for any occasion. Their Tuesday tastings are quickly becoming "must attend" events, as are their monthly happenings. Check out the Tommy Bahama event on June 26; All Corked Up has teamed with Island Appeal to bring you a tropical-themed bash.

Regardless of all that is going on at this savvy wine shop, Lee, the Schutzes and Krone make the customers their number one priority. "We built All Corked Up for the customers; if they aren't happy we haven't done our job," explains Yoon. Oh, we're happy all right, giddy even, and that's not just the wine talking.


Visit All Corked Up at 26340 Diamond Place or give them a call at 799-7979. Also visit them online at
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