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January, 2013 - Issue #99
Legacy Christian Academy Again
Voted "Best Private" and "Best Christian" School

Voted Best Private Academy and Best Christian School for the ninth time by Santa Clarita community members in 2012, Legacy continues to offer an exceptional academic experience to their students. "Legacy students soar above state educational standards while developing important character traits and a strong Christian worldview," says Legacy Superintendent and Founder Tim Borruel. Legacy's 1:13 teacher-to-student ratio helps provide individual instruction so children have a better chance of grasping difficult concepts. The exceptional and comprehensive enrichment program at Legacy has also contributed to its award-winning status. Computer Technology, Bible, Art, Music, Library Skills, Spanish, Physical Education and Chinese are just some of the enrichment opportunities offered at Legacy Christian Academy. 257-7377

Nick Rogers attends the Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts
Nick Rogers attends the Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts

"My son, Nick Rogers, has attended the Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts (SCSOPA) for over a year now and has had a great time. He not only has enjoyed attending the numerous courses that the school has to offer, but has struck up a great rapport with his teachers who seem to sincerely care about their students. He has also landed some acting and modeling jobs along the way! So while the school provides insight and guidance on how to attain an agent to help break into the entertainment industry, I feel that the school has also helped him with his public speaking skills and has helped to instill more overall confidence in him on and off stage!," ~ Dave Rogers
Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts 222-7910

Make it Easier to Manage
your Home, Job and Life in 2013

Want to make flyers the easy way? Have you ever needed to send a letter to multiple recipients, address envelopes with ease or make labels for simple organizing? Have you ever wondered if there was an easier way to create a spreadsheet, sort data in different ways or make multiple sheets without "copy and paste?" Do you want to learn a way to show your pictures to multiple contacts? Do you need to learn how to make presentations? How about a quick refresher in QuickBooks?

The Santa Clarita Technology & Career Development Center offers short, affordable day and evening classes - as well as private lessons - that include plenty of hands-on instruction to give busy people like you a comfortable learning experience that increases your skill set and confidence. For those who want more, SCTCDC offers a longer series of lessons to prepare for Microsoft Office Certification. 287-3599

Nominate a Worthy Friend, Neighbor or Organization for $7,500 Worth of Painting ServicesFor the past seven years, A. Allbright Painting, Inc. has hosted their Paint-It-Forward charity event. Each year, a deserving local family or organization has been gifted with $7,500 worth of professional painting services.

This year, you have an opportunity to play a positive role in the lives of others. Do you know a non-profit that is making a difference? Do you know a family member or friend that is in need, but can't afford services like this? How about a neighbor who has hit hard times? There are just a few days left to nominate someone that could really use the help. The deadline is December 12 at 11:59 p.m.! To submit your nomination log onto and share your thoughts. There is no catch, gimmick or cost. The A. Allbright team just wants to give back to their community. After all, they've lived and worked here for the past 25 years!

After the nominations are closed, get your friends and family to cast their vote for who they would like to see receive this paint makeover. Voting will be held from December 17 to December 20. You can vote by visiting 294-1159
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