Family Time
August, 2013 - Issue #106
Cal Kids Consignment Sale is Here!
Mark your calendars, people. From Thursday, August 22 to Sunday, August 25, deals will be flying out the door in Valencia. This all-seasons sale (Meaning: You can buy shorts and sweaters at the same time!) is a parent's best opportunity to keep their kids stylin' without spending a fortune. We love this sale because the quality of items is always very high; it's well organized; the location is clean and the worker bees are super friendly! It's especially good if you have clothes, toys, furniture, games, books and more you'd like to unload. This sale has one of the lowest consignors fees around - and you can make up to 75 percent of your sales. As of print time, a limited number of spots are still available. Consign up to 500 items! Check out the website for sale details and location.

Dillon Paigen
Dillon Paigen
Dear Mike and staff:
"I always thought that taking a great acting class meant driving during rush hour traffic to LA. I have been doing this for quite some time now and debated on moving. One day I got in the mail a notice about an acting school in the SCV - Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts (SCSOPA). I thought to myself, '10 minute drive versus 45 minutes? I have to check this out!' So I took the initiative and drove over and talked to Mr. Mike. Oh boy, does he have a personality! When I met him he was great and told me I could audit a few of the adult classes. He went ahead and gave me a list of all the classes that were going on for the month. His program is amazing. I picked what classes I wanted to do most and audited them. I absolutely love all the different methods the instructors were teaching. Matt Easton and Mike Donoghue are two of the many talented instructors I continue to take because they always challenge me as an actor. They start each class with something new as a warm-up. One day I came to class and Mr. Mike said 'Ok, here is your commercial. You have 15 minutes, then I will call you in one by one for an audition and give you feedback after.' Talk about an actor's dream! I am so much more confident when I go out for an audition because of the program at SCSOPA. I have booked a Lifetime show called 'My Life is a Lifetime Movie' and a horror feature film called 'Dead Sea,' and many other projects. I highly recommend taking classes at SCSOPA!
It's great for all ages and the classes change every eight weeks, so you aren't doing the same thing. If you're serious about acting come to SCSOPA!," ~ Dillon Paigen, 21 Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts 222-7910
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