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September, 2013 - Issue #107
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Albatross Golf Academy: The Best in Junior Golf
After he moved to the Santa Clarita Valley seven years ago, families were always asking UCLA Head Men's Golf Coach Derek Freeman about giving junior golf lessons. It seems that SCV families are craving year-long golf learning for all levels of play, from the youngest of beginners to motivated juniors who compete at the highest levels. Currently, there is no model on the West Coast that has university coaches and juniors working together in an instructional academy setting. Coach Freeman was quick to recognize the need for junior golf instruction in the Santa Clarita Valley and decided to open Albatross Golf Academy.

Albatross Golf Academy is a year-round program for students 7 to 18 years of age. Class sessions will run for eight weeks, coached by local golf instructors, as well as Coach Freeman and members of the UCLA Men's Golf Team. The academy will be based on the NCAA club sports model, which is the only junior golf model that will allow college coaches to be a part of the learning process. This will require all students to become members of the Academy with membership privileges including one-on-one instruction, specific practice techniques, tournament preparation and guidance to the college recruitment process for the elite level.

Albatross Golf Academy will be broken down into three divisions:

Albatross Foundations: a specialized teaching program for aspiring young golfers, ages 7 years and up, who are interested in learning how to develop their golf game. The program will focus on basic skill development, the fundamentals, rules and golf course etiquette.

Albatross Competitors: a specialized coaching program for aspiring golfers who want to play competitively on their school teams and in junior tournaments both locally and nationally. A high level of commitment is expected for those enrolled in the Competitive division.

Albatross Elite: an intense training program for a specialized group of players who show promise in competing at the highest level of golf, while also trying to obtain college golf scholarships. You can join the interest list that's now forming at or contact them online at

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It's Carnival Time!
On September 20 through September 22, join the community at Our Lady of Perpetual Help's 69th-annual carnival. Fun will be had by all with classic rides ranging from a Ferris wheel to the tilt-a-whirl and food that will make you go "Yum!" Nosh on tacos, nachos, corn on the cob, burritos, quesadillas, Italian sausage, cannolis, Filipino food, dozens of desserts and so much more on Friday (6 pm to 11 pm), Saturday (4 pm to 11 pm) and Sunday (12 pm to 8 pm). OLPH is located at 23233 Lyons Avenue in Newhall.

Good Looking Deals for Women and Teens
Our love of consignment sales is infamous, so you shouldn't be surprised that we're getting geared up for the Dress on a Dime event in September. We are big fans of this sale on both the buying and selling side. Have a pair of Coach sunglasses to unload? Do it here without the online risk. Want to totally revamp your wardrobe on the cheap? Dig through organized displays of new and like-new top-shelf denim, shoes, jewelry and purses, all at priced-to-sell dollar amounts. From casual to career and special-occasion wear, you'll find what you're looking for - and something special you weren't! The sale runs from September 19 to September 22 and carries sizes 0 through plus. Check the site for up-to-date sale info.

Preventing Heat Stroke in Your Pets
There's hot weather still to come - so be smart and learn how to prevent life-threatening heat stroke in your pets!

Dogs in particular do not tolerate high environmental temperatures because they do not sweat, except for a minor degree through their paw pads. Dogs depend upon panting to exchange warm air for cool air. When the environmental temperature is close to their body temperature or higher, cooling by panting is not an efficient process. Situations that can predispose to heat stroke include: being left in a car in hot weather, exercising strenuously in hot or humid weather, being a brachycephalic breed (bulldog, pug, Boston terrier), history of a lung or heart condition, and being confined without shade or fresh water in hot weather.

Signs to look out for include the following: excessive panting or difficulty breathing, restlessness, drooling, weakness, depression, dizziness, red or pale gums, bright red tongue, and vomiting/diarrhea. As heat stroke progresses it can cause seizures, coma, cardiac arrest and death.

There are ways to prevent this horrible condition from happening to your best friend. For starters, never leave your dog in a parked car on a warm day. Even with the windows down, a parked car can turn into an oven in a very short period of time. Research has shown that the inside of a car can heat up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit in only 10 minutes on an 80-degree day. Further ways to prevent heat stroke include: always providing access to fresh water, making sure there is always access to shade and restricting exercise and strenuous activities on warm days.

If you suspect your dog may be suffering from heat stroke, remove your dog from the heat and try to cool it with water. Take caution: do not use cold or ice water to cool, as cooling too quickly with very cold water can cause your pet to become worse. Take your pet to your veterinarian for medical attention immediately.
Canyon Country Veterinary Hospital 424-9900
All Creatures Veterinary Center 291-1121

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Free Community Block Party
at Valencia United Methodist Church

Valencia United Methodist Church will be hosting a block party open to the community on Sunday, September 8 from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm at 25718 McBean Parkway in Valencia. The family-friendly event is free and includes fun activities for all ages, a giant waterslide, a rock-climbing wall, carnival games, door prizes, a pie-eating contest, free hot dogs and other food, as well as live music. We'll see you there!

Did You Know?
Wallers' GymJam Academy is available for special events and school field trips. Olympic competitor and coach Chris Waller is also available for motivational speeches. Wallers' GymJam Academy 251-3390
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