Beauty Inside & Out
Step into Lovelier, Healthier Legs (and Feet)
June, 2007 - Issue #32
Picture this: Beautiful, sexy, vibrant legs.

The "knockout" kind of legs that "sing" to onlookers.

I'm talking million-dollar pins, like the ones Betty Grable had - gorgeous, silky gams that made soldiers dream of their sweethearts back home and women of all ages rush out to buy stiletto heels.

While such perfect legs must surely be a joy to have, not every gal is blessed with them. For owing to one's genes, body shape and lifestyle the blueprints for legendary legs aren't always included with the package.

Of course, with exercise, weight management and healthy eating, much can be done to make legs look better. Beyond that, there are many other steps you can take to improve the legs you've got. And what better time to help make them more youthful and beautiful than on the cusp of shorts-and-swimsuit weather?

Laser hair removal has become a popular choice for permanently ridding hair from legs. Not only does laser create sleek-looking legs, it also makes shaving, waxing and chemical depilatories drudgeries of the past.

At FACES Cosmetic Laser Center office in the Santa Clarita Medical Center, Dr. Chris Towery strives to help people achieve beautiful, young-looking skin. Laser hair removal is among the variety of procedures performed at his office.

"With laser hair removal, patients will feel little or no pain and the procedure only takes about a half hour," said Towery's assistant, Tessiny Iriarte. (Besides being used on legs, laser hair removal can also be performed on other areas of the body.)

So how does it work? A beam of highly-concentrated light is rapidly absorbed into the hair follicle's pigment, heating it up and impeding the follicle's ability to re-grow. This process treats numerous hair follicles simultaneously. Not all hairs are in an active growth phase concurrently, however. Subsequent treatments are needed to get the most thorough results. Side effects, generally rare and minor, may include redness and swelling around the hair follicle.

Laser removal of spider veins - those small red, blue or purple discolorations that appear on the legs and other areas of the body - is also performed at the FACES. A nuisance to many women (and men), spider veins are not considered a problem health-wise, but their presence can make a person feel self-conscious. To erase spider veins, Dr.Towery uses laser leg vein therapy as well as sclerotherapy, a procedure done by injecting a concentrated salt solution gel into the vein. "These treatments are safe and minimally invasive with little or no discomfort," Iriarte said.

"Not only does laser create SLEEK-LOOKING LEGS, it also makes shaving, waxing and chemical depilatories drudgeries of the past."
Both procedures also use cutting-edge technology, and the FACES office provides free consultations to see which would best fit an individual's needs, Iriarte stated.

Each procedure requires multiple treatments so "starting now will help ensure that your legs are skirt ready for summer," she added.

A Ph.D. in medical related studies, Towery is also a registered nurse practitioner. (The FACES office is under the medical directorship of Richard, Hahn, M.D.). Towery described the intrinsic boost he receives from helping clients.

"The biggest satisfaction we get is seeing the smiles on our patients faces when they feel good about themselves after their procedure," he said.

At Eternal Health & Wellness, a luxury medical spa in Valencia, legs (and the entire body) can be pampered with a variety of beautifying and invigorating procedures. Among them: skin renewing mineral wraps, hydrotherapy, exfoliation and hydration, laser hair removal and massage. These procedures help improve a person's self-image and happiness, stated Cindy Patrick, who co-owns the spa with Sue Steele.

"They smile and laugh more when they look and feel better - and that's contagious, that's the most positive thing," she said.

A special machine, the endermologie, produces tremendous results in the thighs' and buttocks' battle against cellulite, Patrick said.

"The endermologie rolls, lifts, stretches and mobilizes deep tissue," says Patrick. "It also stimulates circulation, eliminates excess toxins and restructures tissue at a cellular level, eliminating the appearance of cellulite."

An aerospace retiree, and longtime "spa girl" who went on to get a certificate in spa management, Patrick emphasizes that while the endermologie does help smooth and reduce the dimples and pockets associated with cellulite, it cannot totally get rid of cellulite forever.

"Your legs look fabulous, though. It's truly a wonderful therapy for the legs," she said.

At the distal end of one's legs are two of the most vital, hard-working parts of the human body: the feet.

When it comes to feet, however, much attention is paid to sexy shoes and artistic pedicures but not enough to the importance of having healthy, happy feet - which are a fundamental component of back comfort and musculoskeletal stamina.

A "foothold" on achieving such harmony can be found at Foot Solutions, said Laura Bouziane, a certified pedorthist (C.Ped.) who helps clients at the health and wellness store for feet.

Foot Solutions uniquely focuses on proper fit of shoes for all aspects of life including sports, work and casual wear.

"We have several brands of technology shoes that help to improve posture and alignment, strengthen the core muscles and ease foot, knee and back pain," said Bouziane, adding that the special technology of the Chung Shi footwear, called a rocker bottom, creates an instability underfoot which in turn has the many positive effects in treating these problems.

At Foot Solutions, feet are analyzed using computer-scanning technology to properly determine the best fit. Also available: accommodative arch supports, a large selection of pre-manufactured inserts designed to best suit the many different-shaped feet (as well as improve your balance and posture), and a complete line of great feeling and looking shoes for work, dress or play.

Besides wide-ranging knowledge of specific foot conditions, Bouziane is also educated in diabetes and the serious foot conditions related to that disease. (Note: A C.Ped. has studied shoe construction and modification, foot orthotics materials and fabrication, and lower extremity anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. He or she has also learned to understand a doctor's diagnosis and prescriptions.)

Bouziane reports that Foot Solutions - part of an international franchise of more than 250 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada - offers service that starts with a complete foot analysis and digital foot scan.

"This is done to ensure that they present clients with appropriate footwear for their foot type and lifestyle," Bouziane said, noting that on average the Foot Solutions professionals spend about 30 minutes with each client.

So there it is, some tips on how to get great legs (and feet). As you have read, there are numerous methods one can employ to make what they've got more attractive and appealing on the outside. But even more important, it helps improve the health and vitality within.

And that is what Beauty Inside & Out is all about!


FACES Cosmetic Laser Center is located at 23206 Lyons Avenue in the Santa

Clarita Medical Center. You may call them for a complimentary cosmetic consultation at 661-254-7400.

Eternal Health & Wellness is located at 23838 Valencia Blvd., Ste 200, Valencia: 661-799-0162.

Foot Solutions is located at 28108 Newhall Ranch Road, Valencia: 661-702-0070.
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