Black, White & Vegas Glamour All Over
November, 2009 - Issue #61
Shelley Hann has style, and she's not afraid to flaunt it. The philanthropically-involved SCVian is known as much for her occasionally ostentatious fashions as she is for her good works.

It comes as no surprise, then, that her home in Westridge was modeled, in part, after the over-the-top city of Las Vegas. Remarkably absent, though, is the tourist-trap kitsch. Forget Circus Circus. This is the Vegas of Sinatra. When it came to decor, Hann took a gamble - and came out a winner.

Elements of Sin City are most evident on the home's second floor, where an expansive stretch of hallway is painted to resemble the Paris hotel. Local artist Darlene Marcos reflects on the result: "Any time a home or business can be customized using finishes or murals, it creates a timeless atmosphere. Designing the feel of your home should be fun and rewarding."

Hann concurs. While much of the four bedroom, five bath home is executed with modern precision, visual brevity abounds. Cases in point: the KISS-themed powder room and a bonus room that was carefully converted into a casino.

Unlike jackpot millionaires, the home's transformation didn't happen overnight. "One year, one month and two days," Hann victoriously declares, when asked how much time was invested in remodeling the space.

The Hanns surely weren't the only ones who breathed a sigh of relief when the work was complete. Shelley, and husband G. Marshall Hann, a local attorney, placed their bets on a longtime friend for help with design.

"The goal was to feel like I was on vacation, like we were relaxing in a grand suite in Vegas," says Shelley.

Nowhere is that goal more fulfilled than in the couple's bedroom, where a black leather bed custom built for the Wynn hotel takes center stage. "My husband is 6-foot-6," explains Hann, "so custom was the only option."

So too is the Hanns' decision to share their now-completed masterpiece with the community they work in and love (Shelley is a hair stylist at Salon Glo.). "We love entertaining and we love hosting. We get the most joy out of our home when we are sharing it with others," she says.

The opportunity presents itself often. Daughter Ashley is a senior at West Ranch and a Henry Mayo Hospital debutante this year, and Shelley has her traditional line up of social and philanthropic engagements. Few parties, however, can rival the home's most ambitious display to date. Next month, the Chateau Hann will be open for viewing as part of Henry Mayo's annual Holiday Home Tour.
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