Beauties & The Beasts
October, 2018 - Issue #169
It's a tale as old as time - there are beautiful, and beastly, aspects of maintaining a home. This month, we pick two of each. Consider this your yin/yang of SCV living.

Clear-view Shutters Improve your View

Gaze upon the locally-made smooth lacquer-painted or stained-finish solid basswood shutters - and know that your eyes are beholding something very special. Even more attractive news: they're available with hidden tilt rods that provide a more modern style that won't obstruct your gorgeous views. Clever as they are pretty, the tilt rod is fashioned behind the shutters - on the side and out of sight.
available from Shutter World 775-7700
courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock

Jewel Tones are this Season's most Valuable Player
Jewel tones are #life year round, but in the fall, berry reds, indigo blues and rich caramels cry out for the spotlight. Add accessories in all of the above to your more-traditional take on design or go for a classic clincher: a big, bold jeweled declaration in the form of a amethyst-hued velvet couch or sapphire-toned statement wall.
consultations available from Suburban Chateau

Wasps are Worse Pre-winter

Wasps, those stingy flying beasties that so often make their homes in the alcoves of our own, work tirelessly during the summer to build their nests. They're at peak power during the still-warm weeks of early fall - and they're out and about more often, feeding before food sources become cold-weather scarce. Ready to evict your unwanted tenants? You could give it a go yourself with a can of wasp spray, confidence in your aim and a plan to remove the nest, but that usually doesn't end in a human victory lap. Instead, call the pros and enter winter wasp free.
consultations available from CVA Exterminators 253-3070

Heat Loss can be a Real Bear
Here's a gas-bill fright that can keep you up at night: The average home's windows and doors are responsible for 38 percent of total heat loss. That number climbs quickly to 50 percent if the home has single-pane windows or aluminum sliders. What to do if your ugly old double-panes and poorly-sealed doors are, well, a pain in the pocketbook? Replace 'em with today's high-tech pretties that can save you cash - and your eyesight.
available from Mike's Windows & Doors 296-9195
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