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One of the best home improvements you can make is to enhance the outdoor living areas around your own home. Now is the time to start considering renovating you're backyard before summer.
While the rest of the country waits for spring to indulge in landscape jobs, we in Santa Clarita have the luxury of mild fall weather, making this the perfect time for outdoor home improvements.

This time of year, you might want to consider adding something new and exciting like a swimming pool, a sports court, a new focal point, or feature some exciting new decor - especially around the entry of your home - to earn the "ahhh-factor" for the holidays. It's also time to consider improving or even creating new areas in your landscape. And for those who love gardening, now is the time to plant trees, winter edible crops, seed for early spring flowers and to do major pruning. It's also time to prep for new lawns or lawn regeneration. Let's get started!
It's the question everyone keeps asking: What's going to happen with the local real estate market? Some have raised the specter of a housing crash. But the real estate bubble (if there is such a thing) has not popped - at least not yet. Home prices in Santa Clarita, while down from their high of two years ago, have not slipped as much as many expected. That's good news for homeowners, but there is a catch. Homes are not plummeting in value, but they aren't exactly jumping off the MLS list, either. Buyers are still holding out for cheaper prices, while owners not desperate to sell are holding out for a healthier real estate climate.
An heirloom in general is any old item or antique passed down from one generation to another. We've all seen the television show where people bring in items and have an expert give the owner a value for the property. We've also heard about the lucky guy who bought a simple painting at a garage sale only to find an original Monet behind the new paint.
If you like Christmas light displays, make your way over to Castaic's Hasley Hills home tracts. All seven phases of the Hasley Hills community will be participating in a light contest, and many homeowners have taken the challenge in stride. The major cross streets for the community are The Old Road and Hasley Canyon.
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