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Metallic finishes are so hot, they're cool - and these fine finds can all call your address home before your guests plug your digits into Waze.
It's a tale as old as time - there are beautiful, and beastly, aspects of maintaining a home. This month, we pick two of each. Consider this your yin/yang of SCV living.
Feeling smart? Clever ways to improve your space.
Santa Clarita is one of the safest cities in the nation and, don't get us wrong, we really love it here. But we'll admit, on occasion, to wishing that "Sand" Canyon was the sort that came with ocean-front views. Want SCV life to be just a little more beachy? It's all about changing your perspective.
It seems like summer in the SCV never ends - until, usually abruptly, it does. No, we're not battling the snow-pocalypses of the north east, but yeah - it gets kinda-sorta cold here sometimes, too. Ready to do battle against all things chilly? An ounce of prevention, in this case, is worth at least a handful of degrees of cure come November.
New updates, rejuvenated spaces, improved function - this is the summer of "get it done" - and here's how to do it.
A little luxury can go a long way. Here are our favorites.
Ready to spice things up this spring? These on-trend home improvements will put that proverbial pep in your step, thanks to bold colors, keep-it-forever quality and more.
Your home is your castle - but does it in any way resemble one? Add a few royal additions for a look that puts a little luxury in your life.
Sometimes it makes sense to wait to see how a trend plays out. Get ready to bounce off the couch and into these businesses, because these beautiful trends aren't budging.
You'll swoon for these 2018 home-improvement trends.
Start fresh with these 2018 home improvement resolutions.
Discover what's new in home design and improvement.
Home is where the heart is, which is why these
domestic gifts are perfect for Valentine's Day.
You do it every year (Or, um... we do?). You tell yourself that you're going to remodel the powder room/replace the downstairs flooring/upgrade the kitchen/redesign the foyer before you have people over for Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's. Then Halloween happens and every well-intentioned plan seems to go up in sugar-fueled flames.

But this year? Nope. This is your year! (And ours, too!). This is the year you start now. Are you with us!? (Good, because we're going to need some moral support. Tell us how you're doing at!).
We're big fans of Pinterest - and we know you are, too! Many of our readers re-pin our stash of SCV's most stylish selections regularly. Do you? If not, see what you're missing at These newest home improvement selections will be there, along with other great finds and inspirational shots!
Interiors we love - all "pinned" for your pleasure!
Pillows pack a pretty punch, especially when different styles are gathered together to add texture, dimension and color to a space. Mix yours up by choosing from a variety of these puffy picks.
We want to extend a special "thank you" to all of the homeowners who have invited us into their inspiring exterior spaces over the last 10 years. We always left better than when we arrived after a "staycation" in your exquisite yards. It has been a great honor to share your gathering places with our readers.
Ten years and over 75 home shoots later, we still can't get enough of seeing - and sharing - the best Santa Clarita has to offer. Here's a look into our very favorite SCV home interiors - plus behind-the-scenes commentary.
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