Get Working in the Heat
If it's the Cold You Want to Beat
September, 2018 - Issue #168
It seems like summer in the SCV never ends - until, usually abruptly, it does. No, we're not battling the snow-pocalypses of the north east, but yeah - it gets kinda-sorta cold here sometimes, too. Ready to do battle against all things chilly? An ounce of prevention, in this case, is worth at least a handful of degrees of cure come November.

New Innovations in Doors & Windows Improve Efficiency & Style
Brighten your home's interior and exterior appearance with new windows that are energy efficient and Title-24 compliant. Using today's latest technology, Milgard and Simonton windows substantially reduce both cold and heat transfer into your home's interior, keeping your space temperate and comfortable year round. Pair your new pretties with a Therma Tru fiberglass exterior door that dramatically cuts down on drafts.
Mike's Windows & Doors 296-9195

courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock
Treat your Drains to a Day of TLC
Drains are usually the least exciting of all outdoor elements, but let them get clogged and all of a sudden you've got yourself a nail-biting blockbuster of very-wet, chilly proportions. Every year, contractors get 911-worthy calls from homeowners whose houses are flooding, even during mild downpours. The evil culprit? Outdoor drainage that filled with dirt and debris over the summer. Before the weather turns, take a walk on the boring side and check your yard's drains to ensure that they're clear, that the filter cap is intact and that they're able to stand up to a running-hose test. Sure, it's the exterior equivalent of watching paint dry, but the chance to stay mud-flood free during our first real storm of the season? That's worth its weight in drain debris.

photography by Mel Carll
photography by Mel Carll
Happy Holidays to You
Imagine, while the majority of America is scurrying around in the midst of holiday madness, that you get to come home after a busy day to your own private rejuvenation retreat. Our favorites include all the spa-like elements shown here: a deep-seated soaker tub, glam chandelier, luxe tile surround, marble surfaces, classic sconces and, most importantly, gorgeous hardwood cabinets to contain the clutter. If you're eager for your own remodeled escape before the final turn of the calendar, contact your preferred contractor now. This bathing beauty is the work of Randal G. Winter Construction, Inc. 799-8089
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