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When "Let go and let God" isn't enough.
One definition of freedom implies a lack of constraint, coercion or boundary in our decisions, choices and actions. But how free are we? We speak of humanity having free will: the power of self-determination. After all, we may be free to determine our own actions, but we are not free from the repercussion and the effects our choices have in our lives and in our world.
This Christian Contemporary music concert is going to rock!
You'll always be her baby! A new way to think about the adult child/mother relationship.
Good Friday events, sunrise services and more Easter celebrations.
When in doubt, choose rest.
More than romantic love, "Godly love" conquers all.
A faithful reflection on the New Year.
Our annual "Meet the Pastor" feature - plus upcoming Christmas concerts.
A reflection on losing a father and gaining perspective.
How the Bible can help us manage our fears and anxieties.
There's always something new to learn about your faith.
A first-hand account of a midwife's trip to Haiti.
Our Biblical history is fraught with examples of how the free will of the people was a gift.
He has risen - and a special Easter celebration.
Have you ever had the unpleasant experience of being around someone who was "hangry" - that unpleasant emotional state caused by hunger? The solution to the problem is simple. Food. Food provides fuel and energy for our bodies. It is amazing how quickly a snack or meal can return a hangry person to their normal, happy selves.
Valentine's Day, the day when we are encouraged to show our love to the special people in our lives, is just around the corner.
What God wants for you in the New Year.
What makes Valencia United Methodist Church different - and special.
Gather with others and walk together with the Lord.
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