Pink Champagne Dreams in Valencia
SITE AREA: Your Home - Inside SCV Homes
Interior designer and Owner of Clear Images Stephanie Laney has designed some of So Cal's finest homes over the last two decades, but this Woodlands retreat in Valencia is especially notable - because she's designed it twice. "My client has a beautiful home that we did the first time ...
The Great Outdoors
SITE AREA: Your Home - Exterior Looks
Here's what we are growing now in our SCV gardens.
Take a Seat
SITE AREA: Your Home - Inspired by Design
Too often, what's underneath doesn't get enough time top of mind. These local furniture purveyors are changing all that with American-crafted pieces that are as comfortable as they are attractive.
What's New!
SITE AREA: Your Home - Inspired by Design
2019 doesn't disappoint when it comes to new innovations in design and details. Your home-improvement to-do-list starts here.
Storied Sand Canyon is where Dreams are Made
SITE AREA: Your Home - Real Estate
Santa Clarita's most exclusive community is a study in contrasts. Both rural and luxurious, this nearby escape is where celebrities, software giants, entrepreneurs and longtime locals mix among stunning vistas and the valley's most coveted addresses.
Santa Clarita Real Estate Update
SITE AREA: Your Home - Real Estate
Your new dream home has solar, Valencia views and so much more!
SCV Education News
SITE AREA: Family - Education & Enrichment
Character building begins at home - and continues on SCV's best campuses.
I Heart SCV
SITE AREA: Family - Family Features
Traffic is the weather of Southern California. In this land where we can take sunshine for granted, it's the number of cars on the road that makes or breaks our day. You would gladly give up every weather forecast app if it meant you could keep your precious Waze. And you can't blame ...
Family Time
SITE AREA: Family - Family Features
How to raise responsible kids - without punishing them.
Beauty Treats
SITE AREA: Beauty - Skincare
Look younger with less down time - and right now, less money.
New Year, Gorgeous New You!
SITE AREA: Beauty - Skincare
The best news of 2019: Heller Plastic Surgery and SKIN by Heller Plastic Surgery are offering an incredible opportunity to look and feel your very best in the new year! For only $50, you'll be treated to $650 worth of services, plus have the opportunity to pre-purchase specials at a d...
The First Look
SITE AREA: Beauty - Weddings & Events
Like when your spouse sees you for the first time on your wedding day, your First Look of our Wedding & Event Guide sets the tone for what's to come. Be sure to check back next month for our complete 2019 beauty!
Mind Body Soul
SITE AREA: Fitness
Get those goals in 2019 - here's how.
Healthy & Happy
SITE AREA: Health - Healthy & Happy
Get back in the game today with tomorrow's technology.
...And Didn't Die
SITE AREA: Health - Focus on your Health
Ok, maybe I didn't die when I got a colon hydrotherapy treatment, but my dream of one day running for national public office just might be based solely on my desire to write about it. It's a risk I am willing to take.
The Old Town Junction is a Culinary Love Story & we're Infatuated
SITE AREA: Eat, Drink & Play - The Dish
The Old Town Junction is love, finally requited. A longtime fan of Chef Daniel Otto, this is the moment - and the restaurant - I've been waiting for. I'm not alone.
Let it Snow!
SITE AREA: Eat, Drink & Play - Start your Engines
Sure, the SCV gets a snow day now and again, but it's rarely more than a few pretty little flakes. For the ultimate in snowball fights, you have to drive. Here are our fave spots for a day of snow play!
The Culture Kick
SITE AREA: Eat, Drink & Play - Entertainment
Santa Clarita is known for being safe, having great schools, terrible traffic during road construction on the 5 and... that's about it. And that's ok. We're only a quarter of a century old, after all. But those in the know know that our up-and-coming culture is becoming more cultured ...
That's Sweet!
SITE AREA: Eat, Drink & Play - Entertainment
Here's our something-for-everyone take on the sweetest day of the year!
Get Out of Town!
SITE AREA: Eat, Drink & Play - Get Out of Town
When it comes to hiking, I'm usually reluctant to leave the Santa Clarita Valley. Why drive somewhere else when you can hit any one of dozens of trails right here in our own backyard?
Get Out of Town!
SITE AREA: Eat, Drink & Play - Get Out of Town
There's one question that inspires fear in every significant other. OK, two questions, actually.
Community In Focus
SITE AREA: Eat, Drink & Play - Features
College of the Canyons to Honor Don & Cheri Fleming with Silver Spur Award
Community In Focus
SITE AREA: Eat, Drink & Play - Features
In the tradition of giving to the ones we love, February is the month for the "Carousel Wishes & Valentine Kisses" campaign - a time when the community comes together to show their love for the kids at Carousel Ranch. A little love and kindness goes a long way in making a real differ...
Have Faith
Are you ready to make this the best year yet?
3 Ways to Avoid or Survive Traffic Collisions
SITE AREA: Business
It's estimated that over 6 million traffic accidents occur in the United States each year, with more than 90 people dying in car accidents daily. With those kinds of statistics, it makes sense that we should do everything we can to reduce our risk of accidents, injury - or worse.
Mind Your Own Business
SITE AREA: Business
Meet Valencia Country Club's newest director of membership.
Mind Your Own Business
SITE AREA: Business
While you're waiting for your tax appointment, now's the time to gather all your paperwork for max returns. Kept less-than-stellar accounts? Here's where deductibles often hide.
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