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photography by Ted Dayton

Maya and Jim Carr's Woodlands home exhibits a refined attention to detail, making it an exquisite example of interior home improvement at its finest.
When you own a premier home furnishing and decor store, people expect your personal abode to impress. The Woodlands home of Don and Billie Hubbard, known to many as the proprietors of La Via Bella in Stevenson Ranch and the online retail store, does not disappoint.
Cheryl Henson describes her family as "bicoastal." And while the family does have homes both here and in New York, the term is still markedly inadequate - at least when one takes the worldly decor found in their nearly-5,000-square-foot Valencia house into consideration.
Cheryl Henson has lived in Santa Clarita for 25 years, but judging by her impeccable taste, she'd be equally comfortable a continent away.

The meticulous design of the finest French gardens has made a new home in the SCV. Here, Cheryl, along with her husband Tom and son Aaron, can relax amongst some of the finest outdoor accents Europe has to offer.
Here's an understatement: John and Debbie Miller enjoy living in Valencia's Summit. You could say that it was love at first sight. The couple camped out in front of the sales office for a full week when word hit that the then-newly-built homes were available. Since then, they've lived in three homes in the popular Santa Clarita development.
Having access to Santa Clarita's most impressive homes is both a blessing and a curse. With such a plethora of gorgeous scapes, it's hard to choose a favorite. The task of selecting the "best of the best" is not an enviable job. Now that the heavy lifting is behind us, though, you stand to benefit. Pick your passion - whether it be Old World, Tropical, or something in between - and discover new ways to update your own space.
Michael Georgio, a CEO with Gothic Designs and Management, has extensive experience in the field of landscape and maintenance contracting. Perhaps that's why his own 4,200-square-foot Bridgeport home is so meticulously groomed.

The three-bedroom Tuscan house, which also includes a home gym, five bathrooms and a game room, is exceptionally appointed. His designer was given the task of creating a masculine space that honored three things paramount to Michael Georgio: his family, his faith and his culture.
Candy canes, reindeer, Santa Claus and snowmen are the traditional icons of an American Christmas. Wrap them in shades of red and green and you have a holiday palate that can easily be found in 95 percent of decorated spaces across the nation.

But the home of Terri and David Slone and their dogs, Snowey and Foxey, is different. Their Mediterranean abode found on Tournament Players Club's 18th green called for a markedly more elegant take.
"Custom" is rarely the theme of a home; more often, it's simply an adjective used to describe particular characteristics. However, in the case of Kim and Randy Andrews' 7,000-square-foot house in Valencia's The Woodlands, it just might be the most apropos summary of the expansive estate, which holds five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a home theater, a gym, a wine cellar, a home office - and the couple's three teenage boys.
Frances and Cary Talbot make up one lucky couple; the pair manages to book four to six romantic getaways a year. But that still leaves 46-plus weeks of what otherwise might be a hum-drum home life.
"Mediterranean" is a frequent word too-often deployed when describing newer SCV homes. But a tiled roof and stucco'ed exterior does not a Mediterranean home make.
Light a candle, close your eyes, breathe deeply and take a mini vacation to the destination of your dreams.
Truly relaxing resort communities are not easy to come by. Regionally, SCVians must travel to Santa Barbara or San Diego to experience the sense of nirvana that comes so naturally to places boasting an ocean breeze, seaside soaks and gorgeous views. It was surprising, then, to find the same qualities in, of all places, Saugus.
If this 3,800-square-foot, 6-year-old Southern Oaks home was a museum, it would be one geared for children, filled with signs encouraging little ones to touch the exhibits. Yes, it's beautiful, but it's also relaxed and family friendly.
Most would find the task of personalizing 3,700 square feet of living space daunting, but for Mike and Tiffany Smith, it's anything but. Their home, located in the Enclaves, has evolved from a tract home into a custom creation over the last decade. "It's been a work in progress, but we've enjoyed it," says Mike Smith. "Your house is a reflection of you; you live there. The effort is worth it," he continues.
Most girls wanted to be Ginger. The rest wanted to be Mary Ann. The boys? It was a toss up between The Professor and Skipper. But what drew us to "Gilligan's Island" weren't the characters, the silliness or the possibility of making a radio out of a coconut. Even as youths, we were drawn to the lifestyle. We wanted to sleep in hammocks and live under thatched roofs. We yearned for our own private waterfall, a nice palm tree to climb, and maybe a monkey, too - they seemed so friendly. We would have traded our suburban driveway for a sandy beach landing any day.
This three-bedroom, two-bath home is just what you're looking for: in fabulous condition, move-in ready and a decorator's dream. Take a moment now to tour this gorgeous home offered at $490,000. If you like what you see, call RE/MAX Real Estate Agent Pam Ingram at 291-1726 for a personal showing.
When one thinks of Santa Clarita, the beautifully under-developed space that is Circle J Ranch rarely comes to mind, but not for lack of interesting homes, people and stories. In reality, the area is arguably one of the finest locations in the SCV to call home. The combination of an authentic agrarian feel with the near-by proximity of the city has proven to be persuasive for a multitude of families. And after your introduction to the home of Toni and Patrick Navas, you'll see why. The Navas' estate - and it is fair to call it an estate, as it is nestled in one-and-a-half acres of lush rolling hillside - serves as a luxurious private getaway.
Few people can muster much excitement about the process of home improvement. Images of plans, contractors, dust, hundreds of fabric swatches and new furniture dizzily circle through our heads when confronted with the potential task of revitalizing our space. Combine that potential stress with work, kids and "life" and it's no wonder why so many put off the task all together. But one brief conversation with Holly Prabhu will not only put your worries to rest, but will have you singing a new tune entirely. Her excitement over both the process and the result could convince even the most revitalization-shy homeowner to reconsider their position.
When it comes to the holidays, folks can go one of two ways. The first, and seemingly most common choice, is to entrench oneself in the material reality of the moment. What to buy? What to wear? Who to be seen with? What to do? All are valid questions, true, but when not accompanied by actions that speak of a greater purpose, one outside ourselves, the result is superficial at best.
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