Green with Envy
SITE AREA: Your Home - Inside SCV Homes
"I'm well known for mixing metals - and this was the perfect kitchen to play with different finishes. The blend of brass and black complement the forest green and white cabinets effortlessly," says designer Rebecca Rollins-Garcia of Rebecca Rollins Interiors.
One Space, 2 Looks
SITE AREA: Your Home - Inside SCV Homes
The powder room is an opportunity to pack a design punch - without punching a hole in your remodeling budget.
Water Wisdom
SITE AREA: Your Home - Exterior Looks
Be drought-ready with these great incentives and water-friendly resources!
Right At Home
SITE AREA: Your Home - Right at Home
September invites a changing of the seasons; a time of transformation where summer's excitement and liveliness is transformed into a peaceful calm.
Santa Clarita Real Estate Update
SITE AREA: Your Home - Real Estate
You're Sold on Channel Islands - But which Community is Right for You?
The Pursuit of Wisdom
SITE AREA: Family - Education & Enrichment
What does it really mean to be educated? Is college, in and of itself, really what educates a person? What above all must you know? Scripture's answer to this is very clear: "In all of your learning, get wisdom" (Proverbs 4:7).
SCV Education News
SITE AREA: Family - Education & Enrichment
Every year, nearly 2 million students arrive at college campuses, ready to embark on the best four years of their lives. Yet the reality is that the current cohort of students is one of the most stressed, anxious and depressed ever. These stressors have real effects on students' grade...
Family Time
SITE AREA: Family - Family Features
Chewing and scratching got you down? We've found some smart supplies to save your furniture & please your pets!
Beauty Bites
SITE AREA: Beauty - Skincare
Skip the scalpel and get noticable, impressive results with new tech that's turning back the clock.
Mind Body Soul
SITE AREA: Fitness
Why getting Sweaty Needs to be Part of your "Back to You" Plan
Healthy & Happy
SITE AREA: Health - Healthy & Happy
Back to School means getting back to routines. We get it. Between virtual learning, then a summer where many of us felt compelled to pack in a year's worth of fun into a few months, routines have gone to the wayside for many families.
Flavor at your Fingertips
SITE AREA: Eat, Drink & Play - What to Order Now
Give yourself a hand - because you're about to partake on a culinary adventure. Dive in fingers first for a sensory experience you have to taste to believe.
Delightful Decadence
SITE AREA: Eat, Drink & Play - What to Order Now
Whether it's a sweet treat or the sweet taste of normalcy, we're ready to indulge.
Community In Focus
SITE AREA: Eat, Drink & Play - Entertainment
Bras for a Cause will represent various countries in the world where "wanderlust" may take guests post Covid! Wanna do yoga in Bali? How about sip Lemoncello in Italy? Spy a tiger in Kenya? At time of print, only 20 individual tickets are remaining for purchase. Don't wait! Log on and...
Get Out of Town!
SITE AREA: Eat, Drink & Play - Get Out of Town
It seems counterintuitive to drive inland when visiting Santa Barbara during the summer. If it's coolest by the beach, why turn toward the mountains that rise behind the town like a backstop?
Have Faith
For many, September means Back to School. Growing up, our household was split as September approached. My brother would have preferred that summer not ever end. I, on the other hand, couldn't wait to meet my teacher and start to learn new things. The start of the school year meant a c...
SCV's Best Furniture Store
SITE AREA: Business
A Royal Suite Home Furnishings Celebrates 42 Years in Santa Clarita & is Named "Best"
Mind your Own Business
SITE AREA: Business
Celebrating some local Bests!
Congratulations, Ken!
SITE AREA: Community
Santa Clarita City Manager Ken Striplin has been recognized with the 2021 Award for Career Excellence
I Heart SCV
SITE AREA: Community
In childhood development, there's a key milestone relating to "theory of mind" - the realization that other people have their own unique thoughts, beliefs and feelings. Most kids catch onto this by the time they're 5. Then, they spend the rest of their lives wondering why all those ot...
SINK or Swim?
SITE AREA: Community
I honestly can't remember the last time I was in a pool but I currently I feel like I'm on the center podium with Olympic Gold around my neck.
Keeping Up with Ken
SITE AREA: Community
One of the community's favorite city events is returning to Old Town Newhall! For people who haven't yet enjoyed a SENSES Block party, can you tell us what to expect this year?
Mission Valley Bank Celebrates 20th Anniversary
SITE AREA: Community
This summer marked Mission Valley Bank's 20th anniversary serving the financial needs of the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys with the best of Community Business Banking. The bank's local roots run deep, motivated by the desire to be an integral part of the areas we serve. A str...
SCV Athletes Speak Out on Back to School
We asked local student athletes one question: "What are you most excited about for Back to School?" As parents and educators, we've never seen more kids more excited to head back to campus! Here, they share their enthusiasm for their programs, teammates, coaches, classes and more.
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