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"I would definitely do it again," says DM, a recent patient of Heller Plastic Surgery in Valencia. "I look like me, only younger! If you compared the 'me' of today with a photo from a decade ago, we'd look the same. Dr. Heller is really a blessing."
If you've been considering breast implants but have been on the fence for fear that your augmentation would leave you looking more "beach ball" than "bathing beauty," you owe it to yourself to learn more about the newest implant technology and methods developed by board-certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Justin Heller.
Saggy, flat, dimpled, or entirely non-existent... That's how most over-30 women describe their tushes. "As women age, their rear loses definition," says Dr. Justin Heller, a board-certified plastic surgeon. "As the years pass, we lose fat where we want it and put it where we don't. It's Father Time's cruel joke, but we can outsmart the process with liposuction and lifts," explains the Yale trained surgeon.
Look your best just in time for the holiday season
You usually start thinking about eyelid surgery at the end of the day, when the weight of the tone-less skin on and around your eyes has finally taken its toll and you find yourself feeling more tired than you should. You complain to a co-worker more often than you'd like to admit: "I literally cannot keep my eyes open." But you also find your mind wandering when you put on your makeup or stare in the mirror for more than a moment. "When did I get so old?," you wonder.
When it comes to turning back the clock, there's really no better way to fool Father Time than a facelift.
Your "best body" is possible when you partner with a fitness program that engages your mind and challenges your muscles in a way that makes you sweat - and smile! Here are three SCV favorites that have cultivated a huge collection of more-fit followers. Call for new-member promotions and free intro classes.
Back-story: My three children are my beloved blessings - and yet they've destroyed my body. I'm all about embracing my "stripes" (Stretch marks!) and loving myself, but six years after my last pregnancy, I've come to the conclusion that this is something I need to get back the confidence I had years ago! I'll absolutely love clothes shopping again. I will love going to the beach and pool again. It comes down to this: I miss looking hot. For me, this is the right call.
There's a treatment available for every type of tummy, but which one is right for you? After a chat with Dr. Justin Heller of Heller Plastic Surgery in Valencia, we've narrowed it down!
If you've been considering breast implants but have been on the fence for fear that your augmentation would leave you looking more "beach ball" than "bathing beauty," you owe it to yourself to learn more about the newest implant technology.
Both women and men agree - excess stomach fat makes most people feel unattractive and old before their time. Worse, a too-big belly isn't only a health concern - it's also an impediment to your quality of life. What activities do you avoid because of your tummy? What would you do differently if your stomach was flat and toned?

Stop thinking about the "what ifs" and take action. When paired with better eating,
these belly-busting treatments can make a very real difference.
News and numbers you should know.
Chances are that if you're in your 40s or 50s, you have considered how you'd look with a little "help." Lifts, whether they be of the face, neck, eye or brow, are the most effective way to look significantly younger.
"Fat, when positioned appropriately, makes you look youthful," says Dr. Justin Heller, Valencia's new favorite plastic surgeon. As we age we lose fat and collagen resulting in areas of laxity and signs of aging. This is very apparent in the face around the eyes, mouth, and jowls but also occurs in all areas of our body. It is this understanding that is key for body contouring. Dr. Heller's unique approach combines removal of undesired fat while leaving micro fat deposits in areas that define youth. This procedure is as much about fat removal as it is fat repositioning to leave the body looking very uniform and smooth. By using fat grafts to contour the body in all the right places, the patient is left with a stunning new shape that looks natural - and beautiful!"
Have you ever wondered how your life would be different if your plastic-surgery dreams became a reality?
Have you ever heard someone complain that they "just can't keep their eyes open?" What you may have perceived as an exaggeration could be all too true, says Dr. Justin Heller of Heller Plastic Surgery.
Good news! If your 2015 "to do's" include reshaping your body for the better, read on because the newest breast implants on the market can make this year a "Happy New you!"
A smaller waistline is in your future - and it could be yours in an hour or less.
Having a "bikini body" is easy. Get a bikini, put your body in it, and - ta da! - a bikini body is yours. That being said, many of us aren't too keen to two-piece it this summer without a little "help" first. That's why we talked to the best in exercise, non-invasive fat reduction and cosmetic surgery to find out how to feel fit and confident in a swimsuit this season.
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