Good news! If your 2015 "to do's" include reshaping your body for the better, read on because the newest breast implants on the market can make this year a "Happy New you!"
A smaller waistline is in your future - and it could be yours in an hour or less.
Having a "bikini body" is easy. Get a bikini, put your body in it, and - ta da! - a bikini body is yours. That being said, many of us aren't too keen to two-piece it this summer without a little "help" first. That's why we talked to the best in exercise, non-invasive fat reduction and cosmetic surgery to find out how to feel fit and confident in a swimsuit this season.
Whenever a new beauty product hits the market, words like "amazing" and "incredible" get thrown around. Unfortunately, they rarely stick around. Few new releases end up matching the pre-sale hype. Here's one that exceeds it: Voluma XC.
Most Inside SCV staff members are somewhere in our 30s. Like most SCVians, we try to take good care of our bodies and our appearance - so you can imagine the discussions that have evolved over the years as the calendar pages fly past at top speed, our wrinkles deepen and our skin starts to lose that youthful bounce.
Women are notoriously bad about making their own health and wellbeing a priority. While we think that dedicating a week out of 2013 is a good way to remind the "fairer sex" that it's more than fair to invest in themselves, we're hoping that you'll find more than a few reasons here to continue the trend the other 51 weeks of the year.
If you can "pinch an inch," have a BMI of 30 or below and would love to lose your "handles," this may be the most exciting news you've read all week.
If "gorgeous gams" are on your list of summer-must-haves, this story is for you! We can't wait to lose 4-14 inches... Join us!
"Thanks to the baby, my boobs look like these pancakes." And with that single sentence, my breakfast out with my closest gal pals devolved into a gripe fest about the war genetics, pregnancy, weight gain and even gainful employment had waged on our no-longer taut bodies.
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