PAST ISSUES   -   JULY, 2015
Our Favorite Al Frescos
SITE AREA: Your Home - Inside SCV Homes
We want to extend a special "thank you" to all of the homeowners who have invited us into their inspiring exterior spaces over the last 10 years. We always left better than when we arrived after a "staycation" in your exquisite yards. It has been a great honor to share your gathering ...
Inspired Homes of a Decade
SITE AREA: Your Home - Interior Looks
Ten years and over 75 home shoots later, we still can't get enough of seeing - and sharing - the best Santa Clarita has to offer. Here's a look into our very favorite SCV home interiors - plus behind-the-scenes commentary.
The Great Outdoors
SITE AREA: Your Home - Exterior Looks
Fun facts about Castaic Lake Water Agency and what you need to keep cool this summer...
Inside SCV's Decade at a Glance
SITE AREA: Family - Family Business
A decade worth of memories - join us for a look back!
Last Glance
SITE AREA: Family - Family Business
They say, "You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with." I believe this to be true with my whole heart. Our editor-in-chief and my best friend used the word "best" to describe me on page 16. I didn't like it.
SCV Education News
SITE AREA: Family - Education & Enrichment
Can your child get into college if they attend a charter school?
Growing Up with Santa Clarita
SITE AREA: Family - Family Features
After four years of writing nothing but research papers and the occasional Yelp review, I apologize if my writing skills are a little less polished than they use to be. When I first began writing for Inside SCV, I took my reviews very seriously. Yes, I wanted to be clever and entertai...
Family Time
SITE AREA: Family - Family Features
You won't want your young child to miss out on Safety Town - a weeklong summer camp you'll love!
10 Tips to Help Parents Raise Children with a Healthy Weight & Body Image
SITE AREA: Family - Family Features
Smart tips to get your child to eat better - and lots more.
Inside Beauty
SITE AREA: Beauty - Body & Weightloss
News and numbers you should know.
Let there be Lifts!
SITE AREA: Beauty - Body & Weightloss
Chances are that if you're in your 40s or 50s, you have considered how you'd look with a little "help." Lifts, whether they be of the face, neck, eye or brow, are the most effective way to look significantly younger.
Best of Bridal
SITE AREA: Beauty - Weddings & Events
Over the last 10 years, we've 'planned' a lot of weddings, picking out invites and flowers, arranging for hair and makeup, choosing venues. (Ok, Jeanna did the vast majority of that, but we watched!) Just like a 'real' wedding, it's been stressful - and magical! The feeling we get whe...
The Look
SITE AREA: Beauty - Fashion
Fashion has taken us on many epic adventures over the last 10 years. Every photoshoot has been an opportunity to influence our readers' idea of beauty through collaboration with Santa Clarita's finest stylists, boutiques and photographers. We are passionate about the production and th...
Senior Living
SITE AREA: Health - Seniors
Hearing health - explained!
Anterior Hip Replacements are the Future
SITE AREA: Health - Pain Free for Life
Imagine for a moment that you need a hip replacement. Or, maybe you don't have to play into this hypothetical; more than 285,000 Americans undergo the procedure annually. Of those, only a fraction of the procedures are performed from the anterior, or front, of the patient's body. The ...
The Cutting Edge
SITE AREA: Health - Pain Free for Life
One of the ironies of suffering from back pain is that so many who do have to drive two hours each way to see a well-respected surgeon. No one likes traffic, but when you're bumper to bumper while coping with an excruciating compressed disc, life can seem... a little unfair.
Healthy & Happy
SITE AREA: Health - Healthy & Happy
What you should know about a new treatment for dry eyes.
SITE AREA: Eat, Drink & Play - The Dish
Whether you prefer the heart-stirring twang of a country song, the hilarity of talented animals or the heavy beat of a drum, the 2015-16 Season at the Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center (PAC) at College of the Canyons has exactly what you need for an unforgettable afternoon or eveni...
Eat, Drink & Play
SITE AREA: Eat, Drink & Play - What to Order Now
Being Inside SCV's resident foodie is hard-work! Every time I layout our Eat, Drink & Play section I drool over the possibilities! The last 10 years have been filled with deliciousness and we have delighted in sharing our favorites with you. This month, we've spotlighted the creme de ...
Get Out of Town!
SITE AREA: Eat, Drink & Play - Get Out of Town
On the occasion of Inside SCV's 10th anniversary, I was asked to select the 10 most memorable "Get Out of Town" destinations. Over the past decade, my family --wife April, and kids Laurel, Drew, Brooke, and Amber - have wandered all over California, from the shores of San Diego to the...
Have Faith
Sharing His word through our Have Faith feature is the most rewarding part of publishing. We're grateful for the relationships we've built with our pastors and congregations and we're looking forward to the next 10 years of sharing messages of faith and hope!
Fighting the Good Fight to Protect your Interests
SITE AREA: Business
If you've ever gone head to head with an insurance company, you probably recall feeling like the deck was stacked against you.
Putting the Community First in Community Banking
SITE AREA: Business
Mission Valley Bank's local roots run deep, motivated by the desire to be an integral part of the area they serve. A strong community thrives on personal relationships and Mission Valley Bank supports - and is honored to be supported by - the Santa Clarita Valley community.
I Heart SCV
Billions of human beings have lived and died before us, but you'd be hard pressed to recall more than a few hundred by name. Our minds simply don't have room for all of them. Being forgotten bothers some people, and that's what legacies are for. We want to know that a little piece of ...
10 Years of SCV Sports Memories
When this magazine started, Canyon High football was the biggest thing in town, Saugus girls cross country was just starting to win championships and the biggest names in the valley were J.J. DiLuigi, Shane Vereen, Michael Herrick, Shannon Murakami and Jordan Taylor. Ten years late...
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